Cable Fillers

Cable Filler Yarns are produced out of PP and PE materials of different colors as the customer likes in a wide range of deniers from 12,000 to 1,180,000 or more.

They play an important role in the manufacture of Electric cables. These are sold in shrink-wrapped careless rolls, rolled on paper cores or on wooden reels and capable of working with continuity throughout their length.

Cable filler
Cable filler
1000 -75000Careless or rolled on paper core: ID = 65 mm. Length = 300 mm.5.0-11.0
80000 -350000Rolled on Paper Core: ID = 90 mm. Length = 700 mm.40.0 -45.0
400000 -1300000Rolled on Wooden Reel:  OD =95 cm. ID = 37 cm. Shaft Hole Diameter= 80 mm140.0 -150.0