During the last 20 years, the use of flexible intermediate Bulk Containers increased considerably. The main reason for this quick development is the simplicity of filling procedure, transportation, storage and discharging in comparison with small bags.

Jumbo Bag


FIPCO is proud to offer jumbo bags that meet your requirements at very competitive price. At FIPCO, we are putting the needs of our customer firs. The quality of our products and our customer service has made us a leader not only in the Middle Est. but worldwide and for that our vertical integration gives us a first class standard for consistency and reliability.

Our Jumbo Bags provide modern and efficient way of packing, handling, storage and transport of lumpy and very fine materials in bulk quantities such as petrochemical by-products, fertilizers, cement, sand, minerals, grains, feeds, seeds, etc. These are available in three structural types such as the single, double and four loops with different styles of construction of the filling and discharging spouts.

Our Jumbo Bags are designed to attain 5:1 safety factor with capacities ranging from 500 to 1,200 Kgs. and 2,00 Kgs. for special cases from flexible and heavy duty polypropylene materials

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Container Liner

We have been producing high quality container liner that is extensively used for packing and transporting bulk materials such as polymers, chemicals, wheat, rice, coffee, pulses etc.

We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the distinguished container liner manufacturers in Middle East. Our PP Woven container liner is manufactured from the coated Polypropylene woven Fabric.

Small Bag

PP Woven Bags [Small Bags]

PP Woven bags are the traditional bags in packaging industry due to their wide variety of usage, flexibility and strength. These are commonly used for packing fertilizers, feeds, grains, Barley, flour, salt, sugar, seeds and other lumpy and fine materials.

PP Woven bags are made according to customer's preferred specifications as to mesh, denier, GSM, color, and sizes that vary from 25 to 80 cm. widths or depending on the desired capacity.

Leno Bag


Leno bags are used for packing fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions, etc. They are specially woven and designed to maintain freshness of the packed goods by allowing air inside the bags to prevent inner moisture that may spoil the goods. These are UV-stabilized and made according to the customers desired specification and colors. These are available in 5 kg. up to 20 kg. capacity, with or without tie string.


Cement Bag (Valve Bag)

Specifications: 3- dimensional bags made of woven polypropylene with side valve for Packing.


Sack Width: 35-60cms

Sack Length: 45-91cms

Bottom width: 08-16cms

Top Valve width: 08-16cms

Printing: 6 Colors [Optional).

Uses: packing cement, chemical material, feeds, fertilizers etc.

Shipping and Storage


The feature of the cubic bag enhances its performance during shipping, stacking as well as handling


Dropping filled bags from trucks is less harmful to bags than the case with paper bags due to polypropylene bag tensile strength.

Environment Friendly

The Possibility of recycling polypropylene bags after using into granules for environmental protection.

The bag tensile strength protects the bag from tear and wastage the product it contains.

Maintains the factory uncontaminated upon packing, shipping, transportation, discharge and storage.

FFS - Form Fill Seal Bags


Cable Filler


Cable Filler Yarns are produced out of PP and PE materials of different colors as the customer likes in a wide range of deniers from 12,000 to 1,180,000 or more. They play an important role in the manufacture of Electric cables. These are sold in shrink-wrapped careless rolls, rolled on paper cores or on wooden reels and capable of working with continuity throughout their length.

Sewing Thread


Agri Twine


In the agricultural field, FIPCO contributes in the manufacture of PP Agri and Baler twines. Agri twines are used in Green houses with deniers ranging from 9,000 to 18.000 UV treated in different colors as the customer like. These are sold in rolls of 2.0 Kg/roll and smaller than baler twines.

Baler Twine

Baler twines are produced in a wide range of deniers from 12,000 to 60,000 or more as requested by the customer in different colors. These are sold in rolls usually at 4.0 to 11.0 kg. per roll. They are used for tying and baling of grass and animal feed, etc.

Agri and Baler twines are both UV-stabilized for long resistance against sunlight and shrink wrapped to protect them from abrasions and to assure that their continuity throughout their length.

Strapping Band

Strapping bands are used to strap small and big boxes, bales, bricks and many other products keeping them safe even if transported to long distances. These are designed for high strength, UV-stabilized, heat-sealable, colored as needed and made in different sizes [8 mm to 16 mm tape width] from Polypropylene.