During the last 25 years, the use of flexible intermediate Bulk Containers increased considerably. The main reason for this quick development is the simplicity of filling procedure, transportation, storage and discharging in comparison with small bags.


FIPCO is proud to offer jumbo bags that meet your requirements at very competitive price. At FIPCO, we are putting the needs of our customer first. The quality of our products and our customer service has made us a leader not only in the Middle Est. but worldwide and for that our vertical integration gives us a first class standard for consistency and reliability.

Our Jumbo Bags provide modern and efficient way of packing, handling, storage and transport of lumpy and very fine materials in bulk quantities such as petrochemical by-products, fertilizers, cement, sand, minerals, grains, feeds, seeds, etc. These are available in three structural types such as the single, double and four loops with different styles of construction of the filling and discharging spouts.

Our Jumbo Bags are designed to attain 6:1 safety factor with capacities ranging from 500 to 1,200 Kgs. and 2,000 Kgs. for special cases from flexible and heavy duty polypropylene materials.