Form Fill Seal [FFS] Bags

FFS is a fully PE. automatic low cost packing concept for dry solids, pellets, flakes, powders, crystals, fibrous materials and slurries or pastes. The bag is formed on the bagging machine from a roll of film, immediately Filled then Sealed across the top. The tubular film can be with 4 color print, with side folds and embossed, to prevent filled  bags from slipping during storage and transport. It is in huge demand because its less expensive & stronger, ease and reliability of automating the bagging operation, reduces the number of operators on the bagging line and improves productivity owing to a dramatic increase of packing rate.

What is best for my business?

- If you fill more than a few bags (one hundred thousand per year), the product "FFS" can save you money.


- FIPCO has purchased three lines for the production of these bags (FFS) with print line (with the latest technology for extruder or extrusion of Ooptimax Wind Mueller Company, Germany) for the production of 6,700 tons per year.


- Product made from FFS less expensive than regular bags.

- Reduce the cost of capital in the packing machinery when packing the fact that the rate of more than 500 bags / hour.

- Full automatic usually do not need to control and reduce manpower.

- Mobilization of fixed rate.

- Speed ncrease in the rate of production, and the reduction of manpower.

- The ease and speed of evacuation in between batches of products.