We have been producing high quality container liner that is extensively used for packing and transporting bulk materials such as polymers, chemicals, wheat, rice, coffee, pulses etc.

We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the distinguished container liner manufacturers in Middle East. Our PP Woven container liner is manufactured from the coated Polypropylene woven Fabric.

Advantage of FIPCO PP woven Container Liner

  • Low cost of packaging material, as high as 80% cost saving Vs other packing material.
  • Low handling cost, more than 95% saving in handling costs both during loading and unloading.
  • Low transport cost, about 20% more material is packed and transported in same 20 feet Container resulting in lower freights per ton.
  • 100% safety; Material is as safe as 20 feet Container itself. No chances of spillage or accidents.
  • Less bulging of Bulk Head because of 4, Steel bars are being located in the door slot.
  • The liner is like a giant bag of container size, and the material is as safe inside the liner as it is inside a sack. Since it is inside the container, the container wall supports the weight of the material and there are no chances of material damage or loss. The container liners are put inside the 20 feet container and need to hang through carbine hook two in front and two with bulkhead side, then insert the steel bar on place. The material is stuffed by filling the material through a port provided in the container liner. After filling the material the feeding port is closed.
  • When the container reaches its destination the importing customer opens the container and the liner mouth and evacuates the material. The material then can be filled either in silo or could be packed on the packing machine. It also gives substantial saving on handling cost at both the end i.e., on loading and unloading.